How to get a VA Loan or Texas Vet Loan - the loan process

The home buying process can seem intimidating at first but we are here to make sure that it goes smooth and straightforward for you. Getting started is as simple as filling out our quick and secure contact form on the right side of this page or giving us a call.


Prequalifying for a Texas Vet or VA loan is the first step to any mortgage loan. Prequalifying is important because it gives you an estimate of how much home you can afford and what the monthly payments will be. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes and can be done over the phone or in person. Once completed we can provide you and or your Realtor with a Conditional Qualification Letter, to present with your offer to the seller which lets them know your serious and ready to purchase.

Getting Pre-Approved for a Texas Vet or VA Loan

Getting pre-approved is the next step after prequalifying. During this time you can start the search for your new home and you and your Realtor can accurately search for homes in the price range that you have been qualified for. We will get all the necessary documents from you and start the underwriting process for your Veteran mortgage.

Find the home for you

It's time to structure an offer and negotiate a contract with the seller and to get the home under contract. This is a crucial part of the process because buying a home with a Texas Vet or VA loan, the VA allows the seller to pay 4% of the sales price plus the title policy. Which if the contract is structured properly you can have very little closing cost out of pocket at closing!

Processing the Loan and set a date for Closing

During this time the inspections for the home will be done and we will order the appraisal. The loan will be processed and underwritten by a VA Underwriter making sure that all the guidelines for a VA loan have been met and we will set the date for closing.

Closing on a Texas Vet or VA loan

The closing will usually take place at a Title Company and that is where you'll sign paperwork to finalize your loan and take ownership of your new home.

Have questions about VA Loans ???

It doesn't matter if the home your looking to purchase or refinance is in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, El Paso or Corpus Christi, as long as it is in our great state of Texas, we can help you.

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